Character Booster is a new tool for parents which leverages kids' love of video games to inspire good character and real productivity.

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Indulge in Build-It-Yourself Projects for Parents and Children
What better way to get involved with your children than to build with them – literally! The Build It Yourself program enables families to work together with their children in order to create tons of great projects, arts and crafts, games and creative inventions that not only engage them intellectually but help them to develop […]
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Kids need chores!
As we strive to raise people of great character, chores can teach most of the lessons we want our children to learn. Helpfulness. Participation. Confidence. Persistence. Responsibility. When we make our children an integral part of the management of our home and family, they become more connected to our family. Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) – […]
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Building Social Skills – for baby and mum too!
Meeting other mums is a fantastic way to help your baby or child socialize and building your child’s ability to socialize with a variety of people is an essential life skill that is often overlooked. While you might feel a bit nervous about meeting new people taking your baby with you is an instant ice-breaker! […]
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